Neighbourhood Watch

Your neighbourhood watch co-ordinator is Parish Councillor Tony Fowell, tel.01572 822363

Lyddington Neighbourhood WatchTelephone Relay System

Lyddington operates a telephone relay system to warn villagers of suspicious activity in the area. About 45 households participate in the telephone relay system. This should be sufficient to send a ripple through the village if matters of concern or security are in evidence. The complete list of telephone numbers is held by those who have agreed to take part in the scheme. Anyone else with concerns may ring Tony Fowell on 822363 or one of the key contacts in the document below. If you would like to join the telephone relay system please contact Tony Fowell on 01572 822363.

Remember 101 calls to police are only 15p from landline or mobile however lengthy they are. Ring through asap after noticing a suspicious incident and note the details.


Rutland South – Neighbourhood Policing Team

Details of the Rutland South Policing Team can be found by following the link below to the Leicestershire Police website.