Certificate of Employers’ Liability Insurance

The certificate of employers’ liability insurance, valid until 31 May 2022.

Lyddington Parish Council – Employers Liability Certificate 2021


Standing Orders Relating to Contracts

The document attached contains the Parish Council’s policy on engaging contractors – approved in January 2015.

Financial Regulations – FINAL

Code of Conduct – Lyddington Parish Council

Cemetery Fees

Lyddington Cemetery Fees 2020 21

Register of Interests

(for members of Lyddington Parish Council)

Hobley – EA – RoI_Redacted

Fowell AJ – RoI_Redacted

East HM – RoI_Redacted

Sturgess B – RoI_Redacted

MacFarlane GR – RoI_Redacted

Hurwood DEM – RoI_Redacted